Figure 1. A wordcloud of all text in your blogposts.

This is a wordcloud of all of the text from all of your blogposts. I scraped this from your website. It should create a different wordcloud each time you look at the page.

I will also be conducting sentiment analysis, which seeks to determine the emotional content of the text.

## [1] "factor"

This is sentiment level by day across the different months of your blog. This is based on individual words (and thus does not take negation into account).

This is the average sentiment across months. Looks like it gets a bit more negative as time goes on. Again, this is limited in the fact that it does not account for negation.

This breaks up sentiment analysis into something more than just positive and negative, but attempts to break it up into other emotions. I don’t quite understand how they get some of these and some may not be appropriate (e.g., I imagine you use chicken in discussing food and not that someone is a chicken).

I made this one because of the cool colours. Sentiment is colored by month. Not necessarily too helpful…